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Sourcing & Vendor Management

An optimal mix between internal and external services and suppliers is crucial for a well-functioning organisation.

Truly independent and bias-free sourcing advice and transition leadership

Our unbiased sourcing expertise effectively supports your journey, providing maximum value from both benefit and cost perspective. We are an objective sourcing partner and work alongside with you to find the best way forward based on your current and future needs. With our independence, you can rely on us arriving at the most suitable agreements and suppliers based on what you need.  

We are leading experts in both public and private sourcing 

We help you prioritise and formulate your needs and requirements. We probe the market for suitable suppliers and support you in the selection process. We are ready to assist you in the negotiations and ensure that requirements and service levels are covered in the agreement.  

The value we bring:

  • Leading procurement expertise from both the public and private sector.

  • Our methodology for running procurements means we know the desired result will be achieved - without any unforeseen surprises. 

  • Our knowledge bank enables us to keep a high pace throughout the work and implement it in less time than usual. 

IT Sourcing services

IT Sourcing Strategy

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IT Vendor Assessment and Selection

We analyse the best options in the market and help you in the selection process.
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IT Procurement

We analyse the best options in the market and guide your selection process.
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