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IT Vendor Assessment and Selection

We analyse the best options in the market and help you in the selection process.

Selecting your optimal vendor is often the beginning of a long partnership  

How well are your suppliers performing? How well do your sourcing agreements perform against what you need or what was agreed upon? Many relationships run over several years, and uncertainty about how agreements are followed usually increases over time while business needs change ever faster. 

We help you gain objective insights without losing time or focus 

With our service, you get an analysis of how your supplier management works today and our recommendations on areas that can be improved. 

The value we bring: 

  1. We look at how well your suppliers live up to your agreements and how the governance model around them is performing. 

  2. You also get an overview of alternative suppliers and their profiling. 

  3. You receive a final report and an action plan with long and short-term improvement recommendations regarding your IT sourcing management. 


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