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Midagon was founded in 2006 based on Nordic values and a vision for better consulting. We wanted to create a company employing only experienced program managers and subject matter experts; a company helping clients to succeed in their most complex transformations with consultants working on the clients’ side of the table. With 100 % objectivity and without partnerships with service or solution providers compromising our neutrality. 

Just as importantly, we wanted to create a better place to work, enabling our people to work on the most interesting consulting assignments while enjoying a healthy work-life balance. We wanted to create a company with no up or out model or the burden of sales responsibilities and corporate bureaucracy; a company with a community that our people can feel part of, with a relaxed atmosphere and opportunities for continuous development. In short, things that improve our people’s quality of life. 

Milestones along the way

Holding firmly on to these principles, we started to grow, recruit more people and gradually expand our client base. During the early years, we were hit by the financial crisis and were just able to hold on. After becoming a 10 people company we also learned the hard way that we cannot grow further without developing the company - building structures, having internal personnel and improving our competencies. A similar threshold was met at 25 people, which we overcame by strengthening our organisation. 

There was an especially important milestone on the way: winning a key leadership role in the Nokia - Alcatel Lucent ICT merger in 2015. This was followed by several other major mergers and other demanding projects that built our credibility and allowed us to rapidly expand our client base and recruit more people. Another significant year was 2018, when we became the primary project manager pool provider for a major manufacturing company. This was followed by other major deals and marked the beginning of a strong growth of demand for ERP program management. 

A new chapter

In 2021 we combined our forces with Intera Partners, a leading Finnish private equity company with a strong presence in the Nordics. This gave us new tools to continue our growth vision of becoming a Northern European consulting company. In 2022, we took the first steps towards this when Swedish Kontract AB joined Midagon Group.

Today Midagon Group is one of the Nordics' leading independent business and IT transformation companies, with nearly 200 people in Espoo, Örebro and Stockholm. We act as a neutral link between customer organisations, vendors and other consultancies, ensuring our clients’ best interests and focusing on the realisation of tangible business benefits. Next, we aim to expand to other Nordic and Northern European markets.

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Our vision: Nordic leader in transformation

Midagon aims to be the industry leader in transformation, the most client-oriented consulting company and the best place to work. ​

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Our purpose: Redefining consulting

We enable objectivity and expertise in our clients’ transformations and offer our people a healthy work-life balance with meaningful challenges.​