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Our Culture & Values

Our Culture & Values

Since Midagon was founded, we have constantly worked to create better ways of doing consulting. Our consultants are able to focus on meaningful projects, constantly learn and develop themselves and work reasonable hours, making Midagon an attractive employer for the best talent. This creates pressure for the entire industry to examine and improve the way things are done and change things for the better.   Our culture is what we do, think and say. Our culture is formed from our ways of working, extensive experience, pragmatic attitude, humor, respect for others and the courage to do and say what we believe in.  At Midagon, experienced professionals can continuously develop themselves in long-term project work, instead of being expected to sell or do excess amounts administrative work. We take pride in a healthy balance between work and time off, and firmly believe that this is appreciated by customers and other stakeholders.  Although our work is independent, we work as one team and support one another.

We believe in

Midagon values client success

Client Success

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed in their critical and challenging transformations.

As independent and objective advisors, we have no hidden ties or partnerships that compromise our solution and vendor-neutral position.

With our collective expertise and experience, we proactively help clients to ensure their success from strategy to action.

We say what we do and do what we say. We wrap our sleeves and get to work. We are down to earth.

Midagon values together


We support each other and share our knowledge. We learn, develop and grow as individuals, teams and a company.

We work as one team with the client. Our work is based on honesty, integrity and trust.

We are responsive, helpful and easy to approach.

We treat everyone equally and respectfully as individuals with unique skills, passions and interests.

Midagon icon values quality of life

Quality of Life

We support the quality of life of our people and provide a healthy work-life balance as its basis.

We foster independence, flexibility and responsibility.

We build a humane, positive and relaxed culture.

We build possibilities for people to grow, succeed and enjoy life.

Our employee promise

Challenging assignments

We help large companies succeed in their complex and business critical transformations. Our people get to use their skills and broad experience in an independent entrepreneurial way, commit to our clients’ success and make a difference in their business. For us, this makes work meaningful.

Support for lifelong learning

The world changes in an unseen pace. Although experience helps to succeed in rapid changes, we see the need for continuous development. For us every client assignment is also a possibility to learn. We have a network of exceptionally experienced colleagues and expert communities to exchange ideas, share knowledge and challenge our point of views. We also support individual trainings and development.

Focus on the client

We are truly independent, sitting always on our client's side of the table. Because of our lean, unbureaucratic organisation with minimum administrative work and hierarchies, our people can do what they enjoy most: focus on the client and create a real impact on their business.

Great work-life balance and support for well-being

We strive to improve our team's quality of life. Our way of working supports independent work and work-life balance. We invest in our team’s well-being and encourage our people to enjoy their time off. We do serious stuff, but don´t take life too seriously.

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