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Sales & Product Transformation

Helping industrial companies succeed in sales and service business growth.

Industrial ecosystems are transforming rapidly 

End-to-end thinking, built-in intelligence and other key enablers are critical for industrial businesses to stay ahead of their competition and exceed customer expectations. Additional value to customers is delivered increasingly through solutions that integrate physical, service, digital and data products into one. No industrial company plays alone - ecosystems and partner networks are vital in the industrial value chain. They require efficient collaboration mechanisms, a real ecosystem approach and a win-win attitude.   

We understand industrial business and its dependencies  

We are one of the few consultancies in the Nordics with a strong process and manufacturing industries focus – we know the industrial business. Our exceptional team of industrial transformation experts includes close to 30 professionals with an average of 20 years of experience. We have a proven track record for end-to-end transformations. We help you in product life cycle management, product digitalisations and sales configurators. 

Whether you need help with business concepting, development programs or implementations, or the whole transformation life cycle, we deliver transformations where the business – data – technology perspectives are balanced. 

Our business perspective covers industrial end-to-end operating models and function specific consultation from offering strategy to industrial services. The data competences enable modularisation and configurability with master data management and structured product data. The technology related competences focus on integration and implementation management for packaged software and digital assets.  

Industrial Transformation Areas

Offering Strategy and Product Management

  • Solution and product portfolio strategy & management  

  • Product lifecycle and product data management 

  • PLM and PIM 

Solution and Product Development

  • Integrated customer solutions and digitalised products 

  • Development methodologies and processes 

  • Engineering tools and DEVOPS 

Customer Engagement and Sales

  • Seamless customer experience 

  • Sales&Demand planning and go-to-market planning 

  • CPQ 

Contact for more information

Teemu Metsola

Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

+358 44 584 1702

Jukka Kauppinen

Jukka Kauppinen

Executive Advisor, Industrial Services Community Lead

+358 40 634 2722

Ketonen Matti Midagon

Matti Ketonen

Senior Managing Consultant, Production and Delivery Community Lead

+358 50 381 9348