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Kuusakoski target operating model and ERP renewal planning

Shifting the focus from ERP centric development to end-to-end processes

Key benefits

Focus transferred from ERP centric development to target operating model driven by business and strategic priorities

Development initiatives aligned and moved under one program

Generation of "technical debt” stopped by enabling a new technical platform

The challenge

Kuusakoski Recycling is seeking opportunities to further improve customer experience with modern digital capabilities. Multiple initiatives have been ongoing as separate projects, but with limited geographical scope and overarching coordination. At the same time as planning the ERP modernization, it was time to re-design the system architecture and align development efforts.

How Midagon helped

The focus was transferred from ERP centric development to end-to-end processes – to creating a target operating model that could be implemented globally. In the workshops conducted with the business stakeholders, primary development opportunities were identified and prioritized. Based on the business requirements, IT was screening, comparing and proposing the best fit standard applications and technologies. In the plan, each of the applications have a clear role and functionalities. In parallel, a new, scalable and sustainable system architecture was designed to enable new solutions.

Results achieved

A concrete plan for how core applications can be renewed and modernized, taking into consideration industry specific requirements, was formed. The plan relies on standard applications and technologies when possible to avoid a high lifecycle of tailored solutions. In the plan, budgeting, resourcing and a roadmap covering all Kuusakoski Recycling countries have also been taken into consideration.

The Kuusakoski Recycling Board of Directors have given the green light to the plan to proceed with finalizing the resourcing, and the implementation is expected to start at the beginning of 2023. Work to improve the quality of master data is already ongoing and elements from the new technical platform are now in use.

Contact for more information

Teemu Metsola

Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

+358 44 584 1702

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