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We are on a steady growth path and continuously look for new Midagonians to join us.

Our work is based on experience. That is why we expect our people to have at least 10 years or more of relevant work experience. We are management consultants. However, we work daily in various roles, such as Program Directors, Project Managers, Enterprise or Solution Architects, Subject Matter Experts, Advisors and in interim roles, including CIO, CFO or Development Director. The daily work is typically done remotely, at the client’s site or at our office. Our staff develops business operations and supports consultants in sales, HR, IT, development, communications and other operational roles.

We appreciate education. That is why our level of education ranges from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates in many different fields.

We take our work seriously and are passionate about our shared goals, but also know how to have fun, relax and unwind. We are driven and independent yet down-to-earth professionals who rely on and learn from one another. We live and breathe our company values and culture. At Midagon, the people are everything, and we take pride in our continuous efforts to take care of our team.

Open positions

Open positions

Meet your potential colleagues

  • Hanna Grönlund

    I started working at Midagon in the fall of 2021. By then, I had worked for several years on the client side in and between Finance and IT functions and started to think about what my next career move could be. A friend of mine, who worked at Midagon, suggested calling the HR Director of Midagon to consider a consulting path. After the call, I was convinced Midagon would be my next career move. 

  • Jari Nyman

    I have now been at Midagon for over four years, and I have been working mainly in Project / Program manager roles but also as a Roll-out manager, Test manager and IT Service manager. The projects have been related purely to Supply Chain: for example, Logistics strategy creation or ERP / tool-related roles.

  • Teemu Forsberg

    My background is on the IT vendor’s side of the table, where I worked for almost 11 years before joining Midagon. I initially got to know Midagon through a few of its consultants working for the same customers as me. It was fantastic to see the professional touch and views of Midagon's consultants and how they handled the tasks and responsibilities of the customer's projects. The cooperation with Midagon's consultants was always seamless and fluent.

  • Rainer Holm

    My title is Executive Advisor, and I work mainly on assignments related to IT Management, like IT transformations, outsourcing arrangements, program management and coaching. Midagon is a unique collection of senior-level experts from several industries with great development, leadership, and technology skill sets. We have very similar ways of thinking, the same can-do attitude and a great atmosphere.

We offer you


The daily life with a good work-life balance is the basis for wellbeing. We are flexible with vacations and time off, especially between assignments.

We also support wellbeing with lunch and recreation benefits and offer extensive occupational health services.

We encourage everyone to take care of their wellbeing and are proud to have provided Oura rings as a tool for this to our whole team.

Fair compensation

We believe everyone is entitled to a fair salary for their effort. This is why everyone at Midagon has a similar salary model. This consists of a base salary and a personal monthly performance bonus. Our consultants’ typical annual income is approximately 100 000€.

As a long-term incentive, we offer our employees the opportunity to become partners at Midagon. Over 70% of our team are already partners!


We have exceptionally experienced professionals in our team. This gives us a unique opportunity to give and get support from our colleagues for the complex challenges we face daily in our assignments.

We encourage everyone to share their knowledge and insights and have created ways to meet and learn from each other regularly. Although the work is independent, our team is here to support you.

Personal development

We have extensive knowledge, but the world is changing fast. That is why we encourage our people to develop their skills continuously.

We want our people to learn from their assignments and their daily work. Our internal communities offer learning from peer groups. We also provide our people with courses and events through a personal training budget.

As new internal key positions open up, we always strive to fill them from within our team.

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