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IT Procurement

We analyse the best options in the market and guide your selection process.

We help you avoid surprises in your procurements 

Conducting an IT procurement is often seen as easy before the work begins. In practice, many IT procurements are carried out under time pressure and with ambiguities about what needs are to be met, which often hampers success.  

We ensure your needs will be met and goals achieved 

Our IT Procurement service helps you carry out various forms of IT procurement throughout the process, from needs analysis and requirements definition to signed agreement. In our independence, you can rely on our objectivity, and we will land the most suitable agreement and supplier based on your specific needs. 

The value we bring: 

  1. We help you prioritise and formulate your requirements.  

  2. We probe the market for suitable suppliers and support you in the selection process.  

  3. We are ready to assist you in the negotiations and ensure that IT and business requirements are clearly stated in the agreements. 

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