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IT Sourcing Strategy

We help clients optimise their IT sourcing strategies.

IT sourcing that genuinely supports your overall strategy and accelerates your journey 

Choosing the right strategy for IT sourcing is a complex issue with many different perspectives. The choices about how the mix of services, competencies and resources you need to succeed in achieving the goals should be distributed between internally and externally produced services are challenging. To get answers to these questions, an IT sourcing strategy needs to be developed. 

We bring new and valuable perspectives to your strategy work   

Our service IT sourcing strategy service helps you to methodically land a strategy that fits in the best way based on your situation and the company's strategic direction forward. 

The value we bring: 

  1. We help you evaluate the different options you have regarding IT sourcing and provide a clear recommendation on which strategy for IT sourcing is best suited for you. 

  2. We connect the IT sourcing strategy with your overall strategy so that they support each other. 

  3. We consider aspects such as resource supply, processes and delivery model. We highlight the impact on current suppliers and together with you we develop an overall roadmap for the implementation of the IT sourcing strategy. 

  4. The delivery of this service is an IT sourcing strategy and an action plan that proposes phases, work streams and activities in both the short term and the long term. 


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