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Midagon's new office in Accountor Tower opened its doors

Midagon continues to grow in Finland and as a result has moved to a new office as of April 2023. The new office is located in Accountor Tower, 19th floor, Keilaniementie 1, 02150 Espoo.

“With more than double the space, we can now offer our people an inviting office that enables many types of individual, hybrid and co-working as well as spending time with colleagues outside of work. Remote work was common at Midagon already before the pandemic, but today we are prepared to do nearly everything virtually. Our people have great autonomy for planning their daily work according to the client’s needs and their personal preferences. Still, the need for meeting each other is there - perhaps even bigger than before - and we want to support it”, says Midagon’s Director of People & Culture, Vesa Sahlman.  


Meeting with colleagues: No. 1 reason for Midagonians to come to the office 

“As a basis for designing the new space, we asked our whole team what they hope from it. It was no surprise that socialising with colleagues turned out to be the most popular answer. Other important aspects we kept very closely in mind when planning the space were the need for a place to focus without interruptions and share learnings and silent knowledge”, Sahlman continues. 

Accountor Tower is located in just next to Midagon’s old office. Midagonians and guests can arrive to Keilaniemi conveniently by car, bike or the metro and so the search for a new space was narrowed down to the area. 

“We are excited to welcome our people and clients to the office and start spending more time together again”, Sahlman says. 

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