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Midagon forms six subject matter expert communities to boost knowledge sharing

Midagon has a highly experienced team with an extensive skillset in various business processes. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to stay up to date with the changing world and continuously look for ways to update and challenge our thinking. We are growing rapidly, and our team is expanding both in size and competence.

To support our customers, people and continuous learning, Midagon has established six new communities. They are peer groups for people who share an interest in the same topics and open forums to share lessons learned and to develop something new with our extensive experience. The communities will form a completely new type of channel for sharing our knowledge with the surrounding world.

Due to Midagon’s position as an independent link between customer organizations, technology vendors, other consultancies and many other different types of stakeholders, the communities can bring together people with different perspectives to strengthen the dialogue, find synergies and solve common challenges together. “We are excited for this new initiative and feel confident that bringing sharp and passionate minds from different places together will result in fresh ideas that benefit everyone involved”, says Midagon’s CEO Ilkka Töyrylä.

The topics and newly appointed leads of these communities are:

  • Finance: Minna Matikainen

  • Supply Chain Management: Jari Nyman

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Taru Weckroth

  • ICT Management: Juha Asikainen

  • Industrial Services: Jukka Kauppinen

  • Production and Delivery: Matti Ketonen

Connect with our community leads and hear about upcoming activities

Over the coming year, the communities will organize a variety of activities from industry events, publications, casual get togethers and case sharing sessions. If you would like to know more about and participate in these activities, we encourage you to get in touch with our community leads and connect with them on LinkedIn. Important events and activities will also be communicated through Midagon’s channels.

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