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Midagon appoints new leadership team and updates organization structure

Midagon continues its internal development and appoints a new leadership team and updates its organization structure. The changes respond to recent growth and are part of Midagon’s ambitious target of becoming a leading independent business transformation partner for our customers in Finland and The Nordics, as well as offering the best employment opportunities for senior business transformation and program management professionals. The new leadership team will come into effect on 1 August, 2021:

  • Paula Aaltonen, Director, Core Business Processes & Solutions

  • Teemu Metsola, Director, Process & Manufacturing Industries

  • Ilkka von Schulman, Director, Business and ICT Strategy & Architecture

  • Jussi Viitasalo, VP, Sales & Marketing

  • Vesa Sahlman, Director of People & Culture

  • Ilkka Töyrylä, CEO

In addition, Riku Roos has been appointed as Head of New Markets and will be responsible for internationalization activities while also continuing in his role as Senior Managing Consultant. During the second half of 2021, Paula, Ilkka and Teemu will gradually hand over most of their customer work and in their new role, main focus will be in developing Midagon’s services and internal organization. “The new organization structure with full time Business Area Directors aims for maintaining and improving the high quality of our customer service and project delivery as our business grows. It also gives more resources for developing our service offering and strengthens our internal team cohesion, collaboration and communication. I feel confident that these changes allow us to continue to grow in a sustainable way while also continuing to guarantee a premium service to our customers. The next two months will be a transition period and we look forward to kicking off the fall season with our renewed organization and leadership team in full operation in August”, says CEO Ilkka Töyrylä.  

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