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Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

+358 44 584 1702

Teemu has successfully led several overarching IT strategy activities and transformations, not only as a leader but also as a key innovator. Teemu has a tested understanding and proven ability to tolerate business pressure. "In IT, tomorrow will be more challenging but it will also be better!"

Special skills

Large scale IT governance in an complex and security oriented environment.

INNOVATIONS and DIGITAL CHANGE – Proven ability to implement innovations based on emerging technologies.

ARCHITECTURE - Architecture as a product and as a process. Especially in overarching level and in target architecture views.

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND EXPERIMENTATION (CD&E) – CD&E theory and practically tested concept development and management capacity.

DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – program management, acquisitions, outsourcing and insourcing and system integrations and agile application development.


  • "Business first – IT capability next and finally technology" –attitude.

  • Strong cultural and human aspects in every changes.

  • Understanding the big picture and when needed, able to create one.

  • Proven ability to make organization wide changes and innovations.

  • Creating impressive links between senior business leaders and IT.

  • Rapid execution and decision making in self oriented manner.

  • Large tool box with different methods and the most important: practical and field tested understanding about methods' pros and cons.

Relevant experience

  • 20 years of experience in public sector IT (Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) / IT personnel ~1200 and annual IT budget ~100M€s).

  • RESEARCH - Lead for IT research unit and network (+50 person). From theoretical research to practical digital era CIO support.

  • STRATEGY – Head of IT strategy and the member of FDF strategy team. Overarching capability - focus on people instead of processes.

  • BUSINESS – Team lead in a business development unit. From technical push to functional and business driven pull.

  • TRANSFORMATION – Lead for development programs and integration office (+150 persons and ~10M€s annual). ERP, IntegrationPlatform, CoreServices and C2Applications.


  • Master of Science (Economics), Information Technology, Jyväskylä University, Finland (2005)

  • Officer (Signal), National Defence University, Finland (2001)