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Matti Ketonen

Senior Managing Consultant, Production and Delivery Community Lead

+358 50 381 9348

“Matti is a business process development professional with solid and practical background in various supply chain processes. He has applied his technological knowledge and leadership skills in various transformations and environments.”

Special skills

  • Leadership qualities necessary in large transformational programs

  • Business process development methods and tools

  • Automation of various technical, human and hybrid processes including but not limited to production and its interfaces

  • Good understanding and practical experience of leveraging artificial intelligence opportunities

  • Good understanding of financials and restrictions caused by them especially in international context including intercompany trade

  • Product and service development pipeline management and improvement


  • Strong ownership of tasks at hand

  • Quick to learn, can handle complex processes and environments but is able to produce simple solutions

  • Wide experience in identifying and leveraging business process and profit development opportunities

  • Strong business acumen and capability to justify need for change with relevant targets and related measurements

  • Ability to add value to products with digital and service extensions

Relevant experience

  • Project ownership and management experience for over 20 years in different industries and organizations

  • Management of 120+ person supply chain and project organizations globally

  • Holding major development portfolios in four different organizations with experience of five major ERP level transformational programs

  • Team manager and member responsibilities in various projects from production investments and R&D to ICT portfolio management and development programs including environments like MES, CRM, customer facing solutions, various AI applications


  • Doctor of philosophy (Engineering), Systems Engineering, Oulu University (Finland), 1998

  • Master of Business Administration, International Finance, Helsinki Universitiy of Economics and Business Adminsitration (Finland), 2003

  • Master of Science (Engineering), Control Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology (Finland), 1989