Supply Chain and Sourcing Transformation

From business case and operating model design to process development and optimization. Covering all supply chain & sourcing functions and processes.

Whether your supply chain or sourcing transformation is about strategy and capability improvement without a technology element, primarily an ICT platform renewal, or something in between – we are your optimal partner from target setting, program execution, and reaching the expected outcome with renewed processes and work methods.   

We help our customers to optimize and renew their supply chain and sourcing operating models and concepts. In process renewal, we focus on efficiency, visibility, and transparency. Real-time data and analytics play a constantly growing role in supply chain management.   

We support the transformation from strategy definition all the way to the deployment of the new model into your daily operations.  

Our Supply Chain and Sourcing Transformation service in brief

  • One of Finland’s largest pools of supply chain and sourcing transformation experts.

  • Over 25 supply chain and business professionals with 20-30 years of experience on average. 

  • Currently we have more than 20 supply chain transformation projects ongoing.

  • Highly experienced, technology and vendor agnostic, independent service provider. 

  • Trusted, hands-on client partner, through the whole transformation journey. 

  • See also: ERP Transformation

Midagon’s typical roles in supply chain and sourcing transformations 

  • Program directors, project managers, deployment managers, PMO roles 

  • Functional leads and process experts for different areas, such as: supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement, transportation management, warehouse management and replenishment optimization. 

  • Technical project roles when technology involved, e.g., architecture, data migration, integrations, testing, rollout and and cutover 

  • In  addition to ERP solutions, our supply chain and sourcing experts have wide knowledge and skillset on several supply chain area specific solutions, e.g., advanced planning, warehouse management, transportation management, supplier relations management etc. solutions. 

  • See also: Program & Project Management

Your trusted partner from strategy through the implementation phases

Supply chain and sourcing strategy. Based on your business strategy, we help you to define your supply chain and sourcing strategy and operating models. Changes in the operating model will impact people, processes, technology, and data – all of them or at least some of them. We provide support in identifying the change impact and making the actual, concrete change plan, your transformation project plan e.g., redesigning the supply network, renewing replenishment principles and practices, establishing integrated business planning, or defining supply chain metrics and analytics. 

Improvement and development. If your ongoing operations are not performing as expected, we help you to identify the root causes and resolve the issues. Technology is usually not the only reason for challenges. More often the root cause is a combination of organizational, process and technology topics. We can also help you to identify cost saving opportunities within the existing context of operations. 

Domain and process expertise. With our expertise on supply chain and sourcing operations, we help you to gather requirements and define the required concepts and architecture. In case the transformation involves solution or service providers, we support in the evaluation of vendor candidates and help you to select the right ones. We help you to make the right vendor strategy, with insourcing or outsourcing decisions, run competitive bidding efficiently and support in contract negotiations. During the execution, we actively manage the vendors and protect our customer’s interests. 

Business case with execution plan. During the supply chain and sourcing transformation, we develop a structured program plan that focuses on business benefits realization. We ensure and oversee that the business case in validated and actively managed. We suggest best practices from our methodology toolkit. 

During the execution and deployment of a new operating model, tools and processes, we ensure that the right leadership and management are in place. In addition to the traditional program management discipline, we provide support in change management and communication. Managing the motivation and commitment of everyone affected is essential for succeeding in the transformation. 

Supply Chain and Sourcing Transformation

Strategy and operating model 

  • Supply chain strategy, structures, and organisation 

  • Sourcing strategy, structures, and organisation  

  • Supply chain service outsourcing 

  • Order fulfilment strategies: buy-to-stock, buy-to-order, assembly-to-order, engineer-to-order 

Planning and execution processes 

  • Demand and supply planning 

  • Direct and indirect procurement 

  • Order management and replenishment 

  • Warehouse logistics and inventory management 

  • Transportation and distribution logistics

  • Process optimization and automation 

Management processes 

  • Data management and analytics 

  • Supplier and partner management 

  • Performance management 

  • Risk management 

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