ERP Transformation

Management and leadership of ERP initiatives - from global corporations to growth companies, from strategy to implementation.

Technology itself is rarely the main reason for challenges faced in ERP projects and transformation programs. Instead, the challenges are typically caused by a combination of organizational, process and technology related issues. Midagon's approach to leading ERP related initiatives focuses on balancing all of these core areas. We offer professional project management with strong business and process insight, combined with people and leadership skills.  

Our team has impressive experience from ERP initiatives and implementations in various industries, companies, operations and cultures. We also have broad experience from all ERP technologies and solutions on the market. We know where the technology makes a difference and in which project aspects the same rules apply, regardless of the chosen technology. 

Let’s make your ERP transformation succeed!

Our ERP Transformation service in brief

  • One of Finland’s largest pools of ERP transformation experts, over 50 ERP program/project managers, each with more than 20 years of experience.

  • Currently ERP projects ongoing with over 20 companies.

  • Highly experienced, independent, technology and vendor agnostic partner with a hands-on attitude – throughout project lifecycle.

  • Technology experience includes but is not limited to: SAP S/4 HANA, MS Dynamics 365, Infor M3, Infor LN, Netsuite, IFS. 

Midagon’s typical roles in ERP projects

  • Program directors, project managers, PMO roles 

  • Project leads for managing competitive bids and technology evaluations 

  • Project leads for operating model and process definitions 

  • Project leads for architecture, technical and IT streams 

  • Project leads for master data, data migration, integrations and testing 

  • Project leads for cutover, deployment and rollout 

  • Functional leads and process experts for different domains and functional streams, such as finance, supply chain, sourcing and production. 

Midagon ERP Transformation service

Your trusted partner from strategy through the implementation phases

We focus on business benefits realization while sticking to the defined time and budget, working objectively and as we say, “always in the client's shoes”. Standing in the client's shoes, we focus on leadership, management, and coordination in the key roles and areas of ERP programs. We see an ERP transformation primarily as a business development project, with technology as a significant enabler. However, Midagon is not a technology provider and we have no developers or programmers.

Selecting the right solutions and vendors for the business is a key success factor. In addition to an overall ERP strategy definition, we help you with the vendor strategy and technology evaluation. Additionally, we help you to run the competitive bidding process professionally and efficiently and support you in contract negotiations to ensure a solid start and succesful project execution.  

In addition to the technical ERP integration partner, every transformation involves several other vendors, as an ERP solution is never an island. This means a strong vendor management is needed. During execution, we actively manage the vendors and protect our client’s interests as part of the program management concept. 

ERP transformation inevitably leads to changes in business processes, including the operating model and principles on tactical and strategic levels. With our process and domain expertise, we help you to gather business requirements, redesign the relevant processes and define the overall concepts and architecture.  

In addition to the technology and process impacts, ERP projects also have a strong effect on people. We support you in assessing the change impact, with change management and communication activities. Ensuring the motivation and commitment of everyone affected by the transformation is essential.   

Midagon typically steps into roles in critical project and implementation areas, where sufficient skills and experience are often not available internally. In addition to project and program management, we often help with test management, data and migration management, integrations management, cutover and deployment management, and others alike. 

ERP project life cycle

Project leadership throughout ERP journey

  • Governance and communication models 

  • Project planning, tracking, and reporting  

  • Vendor and resource management 

  • Scope, quality, and risk management 

  • Financial management  

Prestudy and strategy

  • Current state analysis 

  • Target state definition 

  • Strategy and scope definition

  • Business case creation 

Planning and initiation

  • Operating model and conceptual design 

  • Architecture design and technical landscape  

  • Technology and vendor evaluation 

  • Competitive bidding and contract negotiations 

  • Project roadmap and timeline creation

  • Project resourcing and establishment 

Execution and implementation

  • Solution design, build and testing 

  • User training 

  • Deployment and cutover preparation 

  • Golive and early live support 

  • Handover to service management 

  • Project closure 

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