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  • How to drive value from digital in process and manufacturing industries

    How to Drive Business Value from Digital in Process and Manufacturing Industries

    Digital development is integrated everywhere. Find out where the manufacturing industries are headed and how to utilize the development to create business benefits and improved customer experiences.

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  • Success and Failure in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – A Research Review for Midagon

    M&A can have enormous impacts on businesses as well as broader economies, institutions, industries, markets, communities, and a range of other stakeholders, including employees. This paper, conducted for Midagon by Deduktia, identifies factors that play a role in M&A performance while also highlighting that these factors need to be treated with care due to the wide variety of M&A that exist.

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  • ICT integration in mergers and acquisitions Midagon white paper

    ICT Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions

    A clear vision for the combined company, excellent planning and execution of integration and commitment on completing the integration, are among the key factors in ensuring a successful merger. ICT integration is generally the largest part of the overall integration effort. Based on our client experience, approximately 60-80 percent of the overall effort relates to ICT integration. ICT integration plays a significant role in enabling the business to achieve its targets, obtain synergies within ICT and ensure business continuity.

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