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Meet the team: Jussi Kokkonen joins Midagon as Senior Managing Consultant

For the last 20 years before joining Midagon in March 2023, I worked on the IT vendor side. I started my career during my IT Engineering studies in the early 2000s, teaching basic IT courses in a community college (Kansalaisopisto in Finnish) and being a part-time software developer. After graduating, I became a fulltime software developer and quite early on, moved into a project manager role. I spent the first years of my career in the logistic sector implementing and delivering logistic software to many Finnish logistic companies.

Jussi Kokkonen Midagon Oy
Meet the team: Jussi Kokkonen Midagon Oy

In 2012 I moved from project manager to business manager and into the Microsoft Dynamics world. I became responsible for CGI Finland’s MS Dynamics NAV project business unit and the it’s PMO. For three years, we delivered projects for multiple different industries, mainly retail and logistics. 

At the end of 2015, I moved into a smaller company and went “back” into the software development world, as I got the chance to lead a unit which was responsible for the company’s tailored software solutions as well as the IoT business. My responsibilities grew quite quickly and soon I became the unit’s operative director. In addition to tailored software, the company’s own’s product implementations such as case management, quality and management software and some other smaller products came also under my supervision. This journey lasted for 6 years, after which I jumped back to the Microsoft world and took over the Enterprise ERP customers and deliveries for almost two years.

I have always been hands-on person who likes to be where things happen. I have been involved in quite a big variety of different kinds of projects and industries, and noticed that many times I have found myself in places where leading change is the most important content in my daily work. After almost 20 years of working on the IT vendor side, I'm really excited to have this chance to see the world from different perspective, learn new things and help our clients succeed.

In my free time, you can most likely find me out on the sea with my boat and a fishing rod, trying to catch (and release) some seatrouts. In the wintertime, while the sea is frozen, I spend my time at the gym and in fitness boxing, as well as the occasional downhill skiing trips with my family. During the rest of my waking hours, I have an additional job: I work as a taxi driver to my children, who while writing this are 12 and 15 years old. 

I look forward to meeting more fellow Midagonians, clients and partners soon!

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