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Meet the team: Eveliina Eerola joins Midagon to support recruitment and team success

Hi! It’s been a month since I started at Midagon and I’d like to share a little something about me.

I have always been interested in change and people; I have been moving from one place to another throughout my whole life and since my childhood as we moved from town to town, I made new friends and tried new sports and activities. When I was 16 I went to South Africa as an exchange student for one year because I wanted to try something different and exciting. In my studies in Turku University I focused on organizational psychology and human behavior and wrote my thesis about management consulting as a method of supporting individual change. Not everybody loves change, and for me it’s been interesting to study why. I’ve learned that one way of helping people to cope with change is to affect their attitude, thinking and behavior, and that much of a successful change is about leadership.

After my studies I worked at Trainers’ House, a change management company. I sold personal growth programs for leaders and helping customers acquire new business meetings and thus create growth. It was a deep dive into sales and business development, but also a wider view of the Finnish business environment, different sectors, and markets. After that I jumped into a new role as a consultant at Mercuri Urval, a global executive search, professional recruitment, and talent advisory firm. I got to meet leaders and decision-makers from super interesting companies, from start-ups to large enterprises from various sectors. I helped them solve their problems by finding the right people. I learned that successful organizational and cultural change can happen fast by recruiting the right kinds of key people to the right kinds of roles.

After a few years of consulting, I decided to make a change. I wanted to focus on one company and help that company grow, and that is when I joined Midagon as People Manager. After one month at Midagon, I can say that I am happy to be a part of the team. In our team, we have 70 extremely skilled and experienced people, who are committed to make successful transformations happen - whether it is an ERP deployment, IT carveout, M&A integration or another strategic transformation program.

Our HR team is committed to supporting our people, so they can focus on the critical projects that our clients face and help them to succeed. We want to make sure our consultants have the best support to both enjoy and succeed in their work. At the same time, we are looking for new senior business transformation and program management professionals to take part in the growth. I am excited to recruit people who have so much experience and knowledge. I am also happy to say that Midagon genuinely appreciates our people’s quality of life and that is one big reason why I joined the company and why I can recommend it to others. We don’t have unnecessary bureaucracy or stiff hierarchies, just mature and independent people who can also laugh and have fun.

For me, quality of life comes from spending time with good people. In my free time, I do all kinds of activities with my family; walk and ride the bike in the forest, snowboard, play tennis, lay in the sun, travel, drink good wine and go boating in the archipelago. I have also been practicing Tibetan Buddhist meditation for the past 10 years now. Actually, that is about transformation, too – it’s about working with the mind to change problematic habits to useful ones. So let’s talk more when we meet, and in the meantime, have a great day!

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