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Introducing Midagon's ICT Management Community

In this blog, I would like to introduce Midagon’s ICT Management community. Midagon’s communities aim to improve internal team building and knowledge sharing among customers, other collaborators, and stakeholders. By bringing together people with similar interests, we want to create more dialogue and solve common challenges together.

ICT management is a very broad topic that includes many aspects and roles – basically, all the capabilities that an enterprise needs to successfully run its ICT function. Current focus areas for our community include the following:

·       ICT strategy and roadmap development

·       ICT governance and operating models

·       Planning and managing ICT transformations

·       “CIO agenda” in general

In Midagon’s ICT management community, we regularly arrange various events: we have our knowledge sharing calls every month and additionally work on a couple of competence development type of projects every year.  We try to stay agile and define the focus of the community events and competence development based on the needs of our clients, relevant industry trends and hot topics. 

Current and upcoming hot topics: ICT strategies and roadmaps, trends in ICT management, scenarios for ICT operating models and governance

During the spring, the community has been working on Midagon’s Point of View on ICT strategies and roadmaps, which will be published soon. This document will benefit both our clients and employees: it will describe our vision and objectives for ICT strategies and how roadmaps must be connected to both business and ICT strategies. Additionally, the approach and phasing for creating ICT strategy and roadmaps are described. 

We share knowledge and experiences in our community both in meetings and by utilizing our virtual communications channels. Examples of our recent / coming hot topics include the following: 

·       2022 CIO agenda: trends in ICT strategies / management and technology

·       Scenarios for ICT operating models and governance

·       Factors that impact the strategic planning of major ERP transformations

·       ICT transformations defined – for example, modernization, cloudification, organizational changes, cost optimization

Our community also collaborates with various external parties – for example, by participating in events targeted at ICT leaders or collaborating with product vendors and partners that have relevant offerings for improving ICT management capabilities. If you recognized yourself or would like to discuss ICT management and transformation, don't hesitate to reach out!

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