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Integration Program Manager and Other Key Project Roles

Post-merger integrations are high-risk programs, with an exceptional degree of complexity and dependencies.

Keep the eye on the ball 

M&A transactions have a clear business rationale. Those goals are naturally dependent on the ability to implement the merger or divestment. Saying “well-planned is half done” applies, but due to usually extremely tight timelines, there is no time for a full plan. Thus, program management needs to be flexible and capable to tackle any issues raised. 

Proven templates and practical experience

Midagon’s M&A Program Managers are highly skilled and inspired by these challenging programs. Our exceptional experience and proven templates maximise your chances to succeed and realise benefits from the transaction. Our seasoned team has “seen it all”, and can navigate your teams through the toughest challenges.

Sub-projects in the implementation phase resemble other big transition projects, such as core process and systems renewals. Midagon has competent managers for all sub-projects and duties for overall M&A program implementation. 


Midagon’s Integration PMO Lead capabilities in brief: 

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