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Meet the team: Teemu Forsberg and Paula Hantula join Midagon as Senior Managing Consultants

Midagon's consultants come with many different experiences and backgrounds, which is our company's strength. As a good example of this, one of our new joiners this month has a vendor background and another a business background. Let's get to know them better!

Paula, what kinds of things do you bring with you to Midagon?  

My operational leadership experience and business background have grown me as an experienced development project manager and team lead. I have a solid understanding of business processes and needs, and the ability to transfer business needs into IT requirements. I understand the business' pain when there is a need for a big change like an ERP transformation. All of this I can utilize in my work as a consultant and smooth the way for clients in implementation projects.


Paula has almost 20 years of experience in the food industry, first in different supply chain operational tasks and then the development and IT organisation in global beverage company. Before joining Midagon, she worked in IT consulting on the ERP system vendor's side as an SAP Delivery Architect.


What key learnings from your career follow you in your day-to-day work? 

Paula: It's all about people and their cooperation, which guarantees project success. It's important to respect others, stay firm and friendly even during stormy times during the project, and keep up the "We can do this" attitude.


Teemu, what is your background? Where do you come from to Midagon?

I come from the IT vendor side of the table, having worked there for almost 11 years. I started my career as a Microsoft AX/D365 consultant. My consultant career consisted of consultancy in Accounts payable, Project management and accounting. I then transferred to project- and service management manager and Delivery lead roles. Since then, I have worked in different IT implementation projects and operational - and service development roles.


What are the things that you bring with you?

Teemu: I'm eager to work with Midagon's clients and put my vendor background to use. It is valuable to get the vendor's input and views to clients and help them understand how the vendors see projects and what they expect from the client. There shouldn't be a confrontation between customer and vendor, meaning the social and collaborative aspects of the projects (and services). It's all about the team working to achieve the project's (and operational service) goals. The "he said, she said" situations are one of the biggest hurdles that should be avoided within the projects.


How about your service management background – how can you benefit from that?

Teemu: I think it's valuable to understand that although the project formally ends at some point and after the final party has been held, a new phase and life is starting with new processes and systems. This is a stage which I think is many times forgotten and overlooked. There are many things to consider related to service management operations which can have broad effects on the organisation and its people; how is the hypercare period handled; how the users get the support they need; what support systems to use and how; further development process; new updates and releases etc. Even if the project itself was a success, handing it off and running the operational service successfully can have an even more significant effect on the success of the newly implemented systems and processes.


What are your thoughts on Midagon so far?

Paula: Midagon's consultants are solid professionals, and it's fantastic to be part of a team with such deep expertise and knowledge and an open working atmosphere. As a new joiner, I have received a friendly welcome and support from my colleagues.


Teemu: Like Paula said, I'm honoured to be part of the Midagon team with so many years of expertise and knowledge from various backgrounds. There is a strong "We can, we will"- attitude. Also, the culture of "feel free to ask" and come as you are, are things that are valued. You are never ready as a consultant like you are not as a person either.


How do you relax when not working?

Paula: I'm a mother of four, so during my free time, I also utilize my project management skills and ensure everyone is in the right place, at the right time and with the proper equipment. Usually, I work as a volunteer in my children's daycare, school or sports clubs, keeping things running and supporting their hobbies. In my own time, I participate in group exercise classes, take a walk or read a good book.


Teemu: As a father of (luckily only) two teenagers, life can sometimes be pretty interesting. Every day brings new things to learn – it's quite impressive how there are questions from me to my kids related to Finnish grammar, the use of words and their meanings every day! Being a father is an everyday learning trip – as it should be! As mentioned earlier, you are never ready, not even as a parent.

I try to keep myself up and moving with varying success by cycling and hiking during the summer and downhill skiing in Lapland during the winter. Our family has a summer cottage in Virrat, and keeping it running requires time and spirit. But when the day quiets, it's a place of chilling and peacefulness.

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