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Meet the team: Jarkko Peltonen and Janne Takala join Midagon as Senior Managing Consultants

Jarkko Peltonen and Janne Takala joined Midagon as consultants in May 2024. Let's get to know them a bit better!

What is your background? Where do you come from to Midagon? 

Jarkko: I have altogether around 15 years of experience in project and program management within ERP solutions. For the last 6 years, I have been implementing ERP solutions for Finnish and international food and beverage or manufacturing industry customers as a Project Director on the IT vendor side. Before project management roles, I worked in the process development area, gaining a thorough end-to-end understanding of supply chain processes. I have also worked as a line manager for the process and solutions development team, designing and implementing SAP solutions for the company. 

Janne: I have around 30 years of experience, with one-third in solution, service, product development and management, one-third in transformation projects and strategy planning, and one-third in sales. My previous employments included quantum computing, where I focused on ramping up services and expanding product management, and before that, I worked in telecommunications. Throughout my career, I have managed diverse transformation projects related to product development and sales, portfolio lifecycle management, product data management, digitalisation, automation, ERP, acquisitions, mergers, and divestments.

What are the things that you bring with you?

Jarkko: Coming recently from the IT vendor side of the table, I have experienced the customers' challenges when implementing transformation projects. A transformation project, which often includes ERP projects/changes, is usually a one-time effort for customer organisations, and there is a great need for experienced partners to support this journey by translating the IT world into the business language. This work is not only limited to project planning or management activities but includes e.g. communication, change and stakeholder management, leading the team and ensuring visibility of planned actions to the customer organisation. Anticipating the next weeks and months' actions ahead is important to understand and prepare for in terms of enabling smooth progress and limited disturbance for the ongoing business. 

Janne: I bring practical experience in executing product, sales, and service transformations with diverse, multicultural teams worldwide. I will also contribute with experience in business, operational, and practical requirements for planning and implementing changes in an international high-tech company engaged in global and local markets at various stages of the industry and product life cycles. Additionally, I bring an open mind and a humble attitude, always eager to learn from colleagues and customers to ensure that our plans truly meet each customer's unique requirements.

What key learnings from your career follow you in your day-to-day work? 

 Jarkko: Communication, transparency, and aligned understanding are the keys to successful cooperation in the project organisation. Repeating these guidelines throughout the long project is essential, as it is very easy to get sidetracked for multiple reasons. One should never assume that the other party has understood your message the same way - it is wise to validate this. 

Janne: To ensure a successful transformation, listening to everyone involved is essential to gain a balanced perspective on what’s needed for a solution. Additionally, when defining the solution, it’s critical to consider all implementation requirements to ensure successful execution. Since people implement change, it's vital to communicate the transformation in a way that engages both their hearts and minds - addressing both rational and emotional levels - to secure their commitment and energy behind the execution. 

What are your thoughts on Midagon so far?

Jarkko: The positive atmosphere and active, forward-looking mindset are very much visible in the Midagon office. It is also evident in the discussions with very experienced colleagues that customer success is the most important goal to achieve. I am excited to be part of this team!

Janne: Midagon is a wonderful community of experienced experts with positive attitudes and open minds. I particularly appreciate the open atmosphere and engaging discussions on both work-related and other topics. It's rewarding to gain insightful and diverse perspectives on complex issues, ensuring we can effectively address our customers' challenges. I am truly happy to be joining the team!

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Jarkko: As a family, we enjoy travelling or spending time at the summer cottage. As the father of an active teenager, his hobbies keep us busy when transporting him and his bicycle to downhill slopes during summer and skiing in the winter months. Luckily he has also picked up an interest in golf with me, so in the future we will be seen around southern Finland golf courses.  

Janne: I love spending quality time with my wife and family, whether at home, in nature, or travelling. We also enjoy spending time with friends over dinners and various recreational activities. For sports, I enjoy basketball, orienteering, skiing, tennis, and golf, which are also excellent ways to unwind after work.

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