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Unisport finance stream lead under GOAL program

Implementing a new, group-wide process model for sales, supply chain, service and finance

Key benefits

Finance processes harmonised globally under one template with needed localisations due to local legal requirements

Professional vendor and solution selection successfully conducted

Global ERP template configuration and ERP integration into group finance systems

The challenge

Midagon delivered Unisport an ERP Audit in 2018 after issues had risen with previous implementation projects. Unisport re-ignited their business transformation program lead by Midagon. The GOAL program targeted to implement a new, group-wide process model for sales, supply chain, service and finance, and implement and deploy one data set in one ICT platform. Uniport's Finance area consisted of 7 separate ERP / bookkeeping systems and several different payment management, T&E claim, incoming / outgoing invoicing solutions with local way of working and processes. Over time, this had led to inefficiencies and the inability to apply best practices. Unisport’s finance processes needed to be harmonised and re-designed based on one data set architecture, a new ERP system and other new finance solutions.​

How Midagon helped

Unisport Group finance is a very thin organisation, and therefore, internal resources to lead finance development under GOAL program were not found. Midagon’s consultant lead the work to develop and document one global finance process as a prerequisite for the ERP implementation. Midagon’s contribution was also required in the selection of a new global cash and payment management solution, operator for incoming and outgoing payments, invoice handling solution selection and vendor negotiations as an external and impartial finance project manager. Midagon helped to configure the global ERP template and standardise finance configurations as base for all country deployments. Midagon’s consultant also lead the work for integrating the ERP to the group consolidation and reporting system, payroll and T&E claim systems.​

Results achieved

First three Unisport companies’ deployments (finance only) were completed successfully during March and April of 2020 on M365 Business Central, based on a global template with the required localisations (VAT) and finance integrations. Due to effects of the emerging Covid-19 situation in the company, a decision to postpone the deployment of the rest Unisport companies into new ICT platform to fall 2020 was made. Midagon’s consultant continued to lead the finance stream work, supporting further global template development and deployment projects in Sweden, Finland and Norway until end of March 2021.

Contact for more information

Aaltonen Paula Midagon

Paula Aaltonen

Director, Core Processes and Solutions

+358 40 844 0076

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