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Merger of Hatanpää Hospital and Tampere University Hospital

Patient information system migration and ramp-down planning and management

The challenge

Hatanpää Hospital and Tampere University Hospital (Tays) were merged on Jan 1st, 2018. In the merger, Hatanpää Hospital’s hospital and rehabilitation services were merged to Tampere University Hospital and about 1100 former employees of the City of Tampere were transferred to the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s (PSHP) organization.

The merger of Tays and Hatanpää Hospital project was a joint effort between Pirkanmaa Hospital District (PSHP) and the City of Tampere. The main project included eight subprojects: HR, finance, ICMT, hospital operations, governance, communications, real estate and support services. The ICT project of the City of Tampere was part of the ICMT subproject.

How Midagon helped

Kuntien Tiera provided project manager services for the ICT project of the City of Tampere and selected the project manager from Midagon. The project manager's role was to plan and manage the ICT activities regarding ICT systems and the related changes in the ways of working.

The main tasks in the City of Tampere's ICT project were changes in remaining patient information systems, migration of selected patient information systems, ramping down the migration systems in Tampere and providing selected patient information systems as a service for Tays. A major part of the work effort was also to go through all of the contracts related to these information systems and to scale down, cancel or transfer the contracts. In addition, hardware and infrastructure changes were needed, about 800 work stations were transferred to PSHP, changes in the internet connections were completed (both fixed and WLAN), phones were transferred and the phone operator was changed.

Successful go-live

One of the key success factors was Midagon’s Project manager Marko Kanala’s strong project management experience, which helped to complete the project successfully. The merger of Hatanpää Hospital and Tampere University Hospital was conducted on Jan 1st, 2018, as planned. The hospital operations at Hatanpää Hospital continued as a part of Tays without any major issues after the merger.

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