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Kemira MySourcing

Enabling next level sourcing and procurement processes, better visibility and reduced manual work

Key benefits

Source to Contract solution foundation implemented to support core sourcing business processes

Higher employee satisfaction in the sourcing and procurement area

Time saved in operative and manual tasks, resulting in increased resources for strategic and value-add activities

The challenge

Kemira's sourcing working environment had reached the limits of being manageable and having about 80 pain points. Sourcing processes had not been digitalized and integrated properly, but using a low-cost approach with standalone solutions and lots of manual intervention. Critical sourcing data was unstructured and had become impossible to manage. Sourcing processes included lots of manual operative work and copy pasting. Critical data was being stored in many data sources in an unharmonized way. Sourcing had lots of Excels and PowerPoints in use for enriching the data. There was no proper visibility or drill-down and analysis capabilities to the supplier base, portfolio and spend. The project purpose was to select and implement an appropriate solution to the S2C area.

How Midagon helped

Midagon helped Kemira build a digitalized, automated and integrated ecosystem that enhances the efficiency & effectiveness of the sourcing function, and to further develop supplier management capabilities towards better compliance, performance and value creation. Midagon also provided project management expertise for leading the MySourcing project from the feasibility study phase, solution provider and implementation partner selection throughout the investment funding approval, project implementation and completion, maintenance and support phases. 

Results achieved

The MySourcing solution was brought to production in February 2022. After the evaluation and solution provider and implementation partner selection, the Source to Contract foundation was implemented to cover all sourcing and procurement core processes. A supplier self registration, onboarding and change request process was implemented throughout Kemira's organisation, providing full support and transparency to the process. Moreover, 70% of the scope area was implemented and the remaining requirements will be developed in later releases. These include savings management, integrated direct material price management, strategy management and analytics.

80% of the pain points were covered one way or another. The solution enabled Kemira to bring its sourcing and procurement processes and capabilities to the next level, and to reach better transparency to the processes, replacing the manual intensive and fragmented systems and tools landscape.​

Contact for more information

Aaltonen Paula Midagon

Paula Aaltonen

Director, Core Processes and Solutions

+358 40 844 0076

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