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Puuilo ERP selection

ERP selection and project planning according to business needs

Key benefits

New ERP selected according to Puuilo's business requirements

The selected ERP performs according to the business needs

The new ERP supports the finance processes required from a stock listed company

The challenge

Puuilo had renewed its ERP system around 2017 by implementing Odoo. However, the project and the product didn’t fulfill the set expectations: the product didn’t support the required business processes and on the other hand, the vendor couldn’t support the project on the expected level.

The ERP not supporting the business as required prevented Puuilo from IPO. Due to these reasons, Puuilo decided to replace Odoo with a new system. Puuilo selected Midagon to manage the selection process of the new ERP.

How Midagon helped

Midagon defined the to-be-architecture based on the new system. Based on this blueprint Midagon led the selection process over nine months. The selection phases included various stages: RFI, RFP, PoC, and contract negotiations. Final contracts with the chosen ERP vendor included detailed project plans as well as functional descriptions.

Results achieved

The selected ERP is based upon Microsoft Dynamics with business additions from LS Central. The ERP project was delivered as planned which in part contributed to Puuilo’s ability to go IPO in the summer of 2021. 

Contact for more information

Paula Aaltonen

Director, Core Processes and Solutions

+358 40 844 0076