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Incorporation of the maintenance of Finnish railroads

Planning and implementation of the incorporation project with special focus on IT

The challenge

VR Group is preparing for open competition in both passenger and freight traffic in Finland. As part of the preparation process, Ministry of Traffic decided to corporate the VR Group’s maintenance division to a new fully owned subsidiary. The new legal entity was built with possible sale in mind.

How Midagon helped

Creating a legal entity in a complex business network and in an integrated IT environment is a demanding task. Midagon helped VR Group to plan and implement the incorporation project, especially IT parts. Midagon was part of leading group, planning and orchestration of this part of the change, including the cutover management and the war room.

Program success and delivered benefits

The project started with an analysis of impact areas, services and related IT systems. Then followed the project planning and implementation. The migration cutover was successful and implemented in a very narrow time window, dictated by accounting and payroll timetables. The new company started as planned and the business was able to run without any hiccups. Midagon’s experienced project manager helped to keep the subprojects and vendors in sync and helped to identify potential holes in the plan.

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