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Harmonization of YIT's IT services

Consolidation and harmonization of YIT's IT infrastructure and end user services

The challenge

Following the merger of YIT and Lemminkäinen, the IT environment of the new YIT consisted of several overlapping functions and technologies. To consolidate and harmonize this IT environment, a Transition project was established in early 2019. The objective of the project was to consolidate and harmonize the infrastructure and end user services and establish a new SIAM/SMO service model. The following service areas (project streams) were included in the scope of the IT Transition: SIAM (Service Integration and Management), ESM (Enterprise Service Management) tool (ServiceNow), Service Desk and On-Site services, End User services, IT Technical services, Data and Integration services, Data Connectivity and Mobile services. 

How Midagon helped

YIT had selected two suppliers to join the project and deliver these services after the transition phase. The overall project management was assigned to one of these vendors but YIT decided to include their own project manager, too. Midagon was selected as this project manager and the project started in June 2019. Later on, YIT asked Midagon's project manager to also take the responsibility of one of the vendors’ project management. Midagon then managed the project until its closure in April 2021. 

Results achieved

The transition was completed successfully, but some streams were delayed by 1-3 months. The main reasons for this delay were two events that took place outside of the project but complicated project scheduling and resourcing. The first one was the sale of YIT’s paving and mineral aggregates businesses in Norway, which was announced in summer 2019. The other was the bankruptcy of the subcontractor who had a key role in installing the SD-WAN infrastructure to YIT's sites as part of the transition project. Midagon's project manager and some other key resources spent a considerable amount of of extra time supporting the carve-out activities in Norway and finding an alternative way for doing the network infrastructure installations. The overall transition was successful.  

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