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New business with digital boost for a global manufacturer

Definition, implementation and commercialization of a new digital sensor concept

The challenge

The customer wanted to define, implement and commercialize a new digital sensor concept to gain competitive edge and take a leap towards the digitalization era for the first time in the history of the company. Company’s products are used in very challenging operational conditions. If successful in the development, new customer value and service business capabilities would be at hand. ​

To begin with, the client needed to define the underlying technical solution, including architecture and capabilities. Naturally, they needed to assess, whether the concept was commercially feasible and what the business case for the implementation would be. ​

After the assessments, the implementation project was initiated comprising hardware, firmware, mobile application and cloud capability development activities. Also, a large-scale testing operation was planned and implemented during the project.​

How Midagon helped

Midagon was contacted to co-lead and coordinate the development program to strengthen in-house digital development forces. Midagon's representative, as the program manager, helped defining the required capabilities, end-to-end solution architecture, business model, business case and the implementation roadmap as well as the go-to-market plan. The program manager also conducted competitive bidding to establish the development organization and acted as development manager during the implementation phase. Among other duties, the program manager participated in the program board that directed the program. 

Results achieved

The customer has released the first smart products with digital sensors to limited markets. The customer is extending the existing product launch to new markets step by step. The whole new line of products will be revealed to the public during the following years. The processes, organization and technologies are prepared for the full-scale roll-out and production volumes. 

Contact for more information

Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

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