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Development of steering group culture and practices

Clarifying ways of working, roles and responsibilities for better steering group work

The challenge

Properly working steering groups are an essential part of the program/ project work. Establishing structures and common ways of working brings effectiveness to steering group preparations and meetings and ensures the quality of decision-making.

How Midagon helped

Midagon had a key role in the enhancement of steering group practices in a global manufacturing company. The current status and needed changes were defined in the workshops. The most important areas that required clarification were the composition and the size of the steering group and the roles of other stakeholders. Midagon contributed with best practices from other companies, led workshops and trained steering group members.

Benefits and successful implementation

During the project, good common practices which were already in use in the company were complemented with new practices. Steering group members were active in participating in the workshops and feedback was very positive. After the project, the training material was published and taken into use a Steering Group Handbook.

Contact for more information

Paula Aaltonen

Director, Core Processes and Solutions

+358 40 844 0076