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Cargotec customer engagement platform

Gaining improved transparency and co-operation between stakeholders

The challenge

Cargotec was unhappy with the growing costs, inefficiency and missing targets associated to the complex business capability development projects that were ran with the traditional waterfall methodology. Consequently, they wanted to test and implement a new, Scaled Agile Framework -based approach to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of complex, multi-platform business capability development initiatives as well as to improve the transparency and co-operation between different business and IM stakeholders.

How Midagon helped

The new approach was decided to be tested first with Cargotec Salesforce –related projects spanning over multiple technologies and combining business and technical priorities from various stakeholder groups. Midagon supported the client's team in defining and implementing the first set-up of Customer Engagement Platform Factory, including the operating model, roles & responsibilities, processes and KPIs. In addition, Midagon supported the client in the selection process of the most suitable factory resource partner and in deploying the factory to operational use. Midagon also supported the client in running the factory during Q4 2018 – Q1 2019.

Results achieved

With the new factory approach, the customer increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole development process from backlog prioritization to the capability development, verification and deployment. In addition, the new factory led to improved transparency and co-operation between the different stakeholder groups. Finally, with the new partner in place, the development velocity increased and the corresponding costs reduced. As a follow-up to this factory set-up, the customer decided to launch a large-scale transformation initiative to convert the entire Cargotec project model towards Scaled Agile Framework model and methodology. This case has been publicly presented at Projektipäivät 2018 by Cargotec and Midagon and the corresponding presentation is available on request.

Contact for more information

Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

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