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Capability assessment and ecosystem analysis for a global industrial parts manufacturer

Understanding digital concept oppportunities and related capability needs

The challenge

A global industrial parts manufacturer wanted to understand, what possibilities are there available to develop and productize a new digital concept. More specifically, they wanted to know, whether they should develop the required capabilities in-house or whether they should partnership with certain service and component providers outside their current ecosystem or not. As the customer had no previous experience in these kind of assessments, they requested Midagon to conduct the assessment on their behalf.

Midagon’s role

Midagon’s role was a) to identify and analyze, what capabilities are required to develop and productize this kind of digital concept and b) to evaluate and assess, what ecosystem roles and scenarios are there available for the customer including the pros and cons of the different scenarios and partnership models.

Benefits and successful implementation

As a result of this assessment, Midagon’s customer received a detailed briefing and report about the capabilities that are required to develop, productize and maintain the new digital concept. In addition, the customer understood, what ecosystem expansion and re-positioning possibilities are there available as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats there were associated to each of the ecosystem scenarios.

The total duration of project was approximately 2,5 months. The work was done using Midagon's Industrial Digitalization methodology and assets.

Contact for more information

Teemu Metsola

Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

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