R&D, Operations and Services Transformation

Industrial business renewals with balanced Business - Data - Technology understanding. Helping clients from concepts to finalised implementations.

We are a trusted transformation partner for industrial businesses, whether you need help with business concepting, development programs or implementations, or the whole transformation life cycle. We focus on delivering transformations where the BusinessDataTechnology perspectives are balanced.

Our business perspective covers industrial end-to-end operating models and function specific consultation from offering strategy to industrial services. Data competences enable modularization and configurability with master data management and structured product data. Technology related competences focus on the management of integrations and implementations for packaged software and digital assets. 

We deliver solutions that create business value: efficiency for existing business or revenue with new business. Let’s make your industrial transformation succeed! 

Our R&D, Operations and Services capabilities in brief

  • One of the few consultancies in Finland with a strong process and manufacturing industries focus – we know industrial businesses.

  • Exceptional pool of industrial end-to-end and business function specific transformation experts: over 15 professionals with an average of 20-30 years of experience. 

  • Currently over 15 ongoing industrial transformation projects, often either utilizing or framing ERP software and development.

  • Highly experienced, technology and vendor agnostic, independent service provider. 

  • Trusted, hands-on partner for industrial clients, through the whole transformation journey. 

Typical roles in R&D, Operations and Services transformations

  • Program director, project manager and PMO roles 

  • Business development leads, concept facilitators, solution architects and function experts for different areas, such as: offering strategy and R&D, operations and delivery, customer engagement and sales, and after sales and services. 

  • Technical project roles when technology involved, e.g., technical architecture, master and product data management, integration, and software implementation. 

We understand industrial business and its dependencies 

Process and manufacturing companies create customer value through their products and services. The high quality of physical products and the functionality of services are self-evident requirements. However, in the digitalized era, intelligence in products and services is a critical requirement for customers. This is accomplished by combining products and services to unified customer solutions. In order to enable these customer facing capabilities, industrial end-to-end thinking and the required enablers must be in place. Predictive maintenance or configuration-based sales are visible for customers, but many critical enablers are needed on the background, too. An integrated industrial value chain enables overarching efficiency. 

Since no industrial player plays alone, ecosystems and partners are vital in the industrial value chain. This requires several mechanisms for collaboration and a real ecosystem approach with a win-win attitude.  

Solutions with balanced Business – Data – Technology development 

Our team of experts for process and manufacturing industries can support business transformations in: 

  • Business function specific renewals for R&D, Operations or Services 

  • End-to-end oriented transformations of the industrial value chain 

In either case, we strongly believe in the triangle of Business – Data – Technology. Sometimes, we still face technology pushed initiatives without functional pull. As anticipated, these initiatives are not usually successful. 

Midagon Business - Data - Technology triangle

With this approach, we are committed to delivering solutions that combine business, data, and technology for real business renewals. Solutions that create business value, either efficiency for existing business or revenue with new business. As we know, business value cannot be realized without background enablers, therefore we make sure they are put in place.

The interaction between all three aspects: business, data and technology is critical. However, the order must be clear – business needs come first.  

For the business angle

  • Business Concept & Customer expectation analysis 

  • End-to-end operating model 

  • Process & Architecture

    • Offering Strategy and Product Development

    • Customer Engagement & Sales 

    • Production

    • After Sales and Maintenance

Are you wondering if we have forgotten about people and culture? Absolutely not - our business concept, operating model, and process and architecture considerations are people and culture centric. In the industrial context, the role of people will be more significant, even if the use of automation and digital capabilities is continuously expanding.  

For the data angle

  • Product Management and Product Data

  • Modularization & Configurability

  • Standardization & Customization

  • Product Structure & Offering Content 

  • Industrial Master Data Management 

Data is the glue that integrates the industrial end-to-end value chain to one entity. For this overarching perspective, we emphasize the “Fix the Foundation” principle. Overall data foundation and life-cycle management-oriented thinking are critical preconditions for any successful industrial business transformation. 

For the technology angle

  • Management of solution development & deployment 

  • Management of integration design & implementation 

  • Consulting for packaged software (PLM, CPQ, MES, etc.) and digital assets (sensors, digital twin, RPA, augmented reality, wearables, etc.)

ERP software and ERP supported core processes are vital parts of industrial business. Midagon has a dedicated ERP transformation service. In many practical customer cases, customer needs are crossing capabilities from R&D, Operations and Services Transformation and ERP Transformation service areas. This is also our intention: the services complement each other.  

From business concepting to implementation

We identify critical linkages between strategic business and technology concepting and development programs. Ongoing development programs are always facing turbulence and black swans are appearing against strategic plans. For managing these changes, there must be a continuous dialogue between the strategic concepting and development programs & projects.

For the different phases of industrial transformation, we offer the following assets:

  • Asset 1: Industry & customer change knowledge

  • Asset 2: Helping industrial companies identify & crystallize the challenge

  • Asset 3: Identifying required capabilities, building and leading expert teams

  • Asset 4: Utilizing packaged software and digital assets

  • Asset 5: Governing the development and implementing business solutions

Contact for more information

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Director, Process and Manufacturing Industries

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Executive Advisor, Industrial Services Community Lead

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