Program and Project Management

Leading and managing business and ICT projects, from global business programs to local projects. With seniority, neutrality, and hands-on attitude.

Program and Project Management is the heart of our business

Strong project management skills and practices is our core competence.

We support our clients in different types of projects. From transformations that change business processes, solutions, and ways of working to development projects where new products and services are launched into the product portfolio. And from transformation strategy pre-studies to organisational development initiatives. We are here to help you make it happen.

Our people thrive in traditional, hybrid and agile projects and can help you choose the right methodology for your development initiative.  

With our experience, we can do much more than manage a project. We help you define targets and keep the project on time and budget. Our experts have valuable know-how in change management and the implementation of new initiatives. With Midagon, your transformation is smooth, even in challenging environments. 

Our Program and Project Management service in brief

  • A pool of over 80 experienced project managers and change leaders. 

  • Professional program and project management combined with business domain expertise and strong people leadership skills. 

  • Both business and ICT development initiatives.

  • Various industries and types of companies, from global corporations to growth companies.

  • From individual project managers to full scale PMO and portfolio management.

  • From overall project management to lead roles in cross-functional and functional project streams.

Manage the project, lead the change

Through projects of all kind. Whether your project is business capability improvement with no technology elements, a pure ICT optimization, or anything in between – we are your trusted partner from project target setting through all the project phases to the expected outcome and smooth project closure. We have experience from various types of projects in all main industries, from global corporations to growth companies, from different environments and cultures. 

Business benefits. We maintain the goal on business benefits realization throughout the project. Standing in the customer’s shoes, we focus on leadership, management, and coordination of the programs and projects. We keep the scope under control, with the defined business targets as a leading guideline – from start to end.

Management and leadership. Project challenges are typically caused by a combination of leadership, process and technology related issues. Midagon's way of leading and managing programs and projects focuses on balancing these key factors. We offer professional hard-core project management expertise, strong business and process insight with people and leadership skills. We ensure that you have a clear view on your project status and solid decision-making structures in all phases of the project. 

Change management. We pay attention to the difference between leading the project and leading the change. Project management has close connection or even a clear role in communication, supporting business and business management in change leadership and in change management activities. 

Hands-on way of working. Our ways of working are based on integrity and pragmatism. We combine experience and a hands-on attitude. In addition to managing things, facts and figures, we have the capability to lead people and change. Our feet are firmly on the ground to see what is essential and to get things done. At the same time, our heads reach high to see the big picture and not get lost in details.  

Continuous development. We are rolling stones. We do not gather moss and stick to habits once learned, instead we strive to develop ourselves continuously. We stay tuned and follow the latest project management news and trends to reflect phenomena with a healthy attitude to our customers’ projects, business, and culture. And we have big hearts, our customers’ success is what matters the most.  

The core of Project Management

Our project management elements

  • Governance model and project practices 

  • Communication model and practices 

  • Project planning 

  • Project progress tracking and reporting  

  • Team and resource management 

  • Vendor and partner management 

  • Scope and quality management 

  • Risk and issue management 

  • Financial management  

  • Leadership advisory and support 

Phase by phase 

  • Prestudy with scope and target setting 

  • Planning and initiation 

  • Design and execution 

  • Implementation and deployment 

  • Closure to business-as-usual 

Project Office and Portfolio Management

  • Project portfolio and PMO concept and practices development  

  • Project management work and practices development 

  • Steering Committee work and practices development 

Project Health Check and Support

  • Our Project Health Check identifies active and potential issues.

  • Together with our clients, we define the necessary depth for the Health Check and plan a discreet approach for its execution.

  • As a result, we summarize the findings and recommend corrective actions.

  • We also provide further advisory for getting a troubled or challenged project back on track. Our experienced Project Managers are ready to roll their sleeves and guide you and your project team back on the path towards reaching your targets.

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