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IT Health Check

Find out what is the overall status and maturity of your IT function and how to improve it.

Business challenges to be addressed

Our IT health check allows you to understand how satisfied your business is with its IT performance. As CIO or Head of IT, you will gain an impartial, external assessment of your IT function. This is required especially when major IT transformations are due to be started and the overall readiness and maturity need to be understood.

Service contains

During the IT health check, we:

  • Measure the satisfaction of various stakeholders and identify pain points

  • Analyse the main IT risks

  • Assess the overall IT maturity and identify development actions

  • Prepare a report of the findings and recommendations

The value we provide

Midagon provides a holistic framework for efficiently conducting the health check by leveraging lessons learnt from various IT functions across different industries. Our senior advisors have extensive work experience in CIO, Head of IT and other IT management positions as well as readily available templates and checklists.

Deliverables and project duration

As a result of the health check, you will receive an IT landscape overview, a maturity assessment, and findings and recommended corrective actions (typically 3-5 recommendations).

The IT health check is typically conducted in a few weeks time.

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