Industrial Internet Capability Assessments

We conduct Industrial Internet Capability Assessments to help our customers in understanding where they stand at present and what needs to get done to reach the desired level.


We assess the industrial internet capabilities of our clients and –in addition- their suppliers. A typical Midagon Industrial Internet Capability Assessment project begins by studying and understanding the current state of the Industrial Internet capabilities. In the assessment, we utilize the Midagon Industrial Internet Maturity Model.

This is followed by setting a target level for the Industrial Internet capabilities. We help our clients to set the target level so that it is justified by the business strategy and contributes to reaching the strategic objectives.

Finally, Midagon helps the client in understanding, where the capability gaps are, what is the suggested roadmap to fill in the gaps and how to implement these capabilities utilizing a gate-model based approach.

For more information, please see the reference case and read the blog: For more information about Industrial Internet Capability and Maturity Assessments, please contact Jukka Kauppinen.