Digital Innovation Identification, Testing and Productization

We harness the digital innovativeness within our customers’ organizations and help them in identifying new possibilities as well as in testing them thoroughly, piloting and productizing them to successful digital services and innovations.


A typical Midagon Digital Innovation Project begins with an innovation workshop to identify, nominate and prioritize potential ideas for further evaluation. This workshop is always based on business strategy. In the workshop, our customers typically generate or identify hundreds of digitalization ideas.

The innovation workshop is followed by feasibility studies to assess the ideas from technology, process, people and business case perspectives and to nominate ideas on a pilot candidate list.

In the Piloting phase, the digital service prototypes are being tested by all relevant stakeholders (incl. customers). Based on the pilot validation, productization decisions are done.

For more information, please see the reference cases: For more information about Industrial Internet Capability and Maturity Assessments, please contact Jukka Kauppinen.