Tuomas Lehti

Tuomas Lehti

Program Manager
+358 50 330 7583

Examples of achievements
Tuomas was a lead consultant and project manager for multiple mobile development projects. These projects received excellent feedback from customer.

Tuomas led several challenging SAP upgrade projects. Projects were finished in time and budget.

Business and project experience
Tuomas has over 15 years consultancy and project management experience in various kinds of IT projects. Prior to joining Midagon in August 2017 he worked for three years at Bilot as lead consultant and project manager. Tuomas has very wide understanding of especially production, logistics and SCM processes but he has also worked a lot e.g. on quality assurance, test management and data migration issues.

Areas of interest
Although Tuomas´ heart lies in the areas of production, logistics and SCM he is generally interested in all kinds of development initiatives where clear business process and end user experience improvements are expected.

What others say about Tuomas
“He takes things forward reliably. Tuomas is very analytical and has a strong combination of functional logistic processes and project management.”

“Tuomas is well respected by customers and colleagues. He has excellent co-operation skills.”