Paula Aaltonen

Paula Aaltonen

Managing Consultant
+358 40 844 0076

Examples of achievements
International company, Finnish subsidiary - Global business transformation and standardization programme roll-out . Paula led a business transformation and standardization programme roll-out into a Finnish manufacturing company (approximately 800 employees). In addition to a large scale ERP implementation, the programme contained significant changes in the business operating model, business processes and the organizational set-up.

International company, Finnish subsidiary - Integration of a new acquired business unit into existing business set-up. Paula played a key role in the integration of a new business unit into an existing order-to-cash process and ERP system and established a new customer service organization serving all business units.

Finnish company, subsidiaries in several countries – Supply Chain development.Paula was planning and implementing several supply chain improvement initiatives, e.g. standardizing group planning processes, improving product portfolio management efficiency, harmonization of master data and implementation of common reporting and KPIs.

Building one service department by uniting separate IT teams. Paula integrated three separate teams into one IT service and business process development department. Local teams were integrated into the global IT organization.

Business and project experience
Paula has over 15 years of experience in developing and managing both operational and strategic business processes in international companies. She has an excellent understanding of process and IT changes that are needed for business restructuring.

She has extensive experience within supply chain management and sales back-office operations, the key elements to efficient supply chain and high customer satisfaction.

Paula has transitioned from operational business into the development of ERP systems and business processes. Several ERP and IT related projects and various roles in different companies have also given her varied practical expertise in project and change management.

Paula is a trusted leader, who has been guiding her teams through demanding changes. When leading projects and planning to reach targets, she keeps the people in mind. This is extremely important since they are the ones who eventually make the difference in change projects.

Areas of interest
Paula is interested in the development of business processes and systems, organizations and people. Paula’s interest in business systems such as ERP is especially focused on end-to-end processes, in order to make these systems add value for both the business and people.

What others say about Paula
“Paula has exceptionally wide and practical understanding on business processes and interactions between business, people and IT.”

”Paula is a true specialist on business processes and systems. She sees the big picture and is able to connect things to the big picture and define dependencies.”

“Paula sets targets high, she gets her team going with positive energy and does her best to achieve targets.”