Päivi Marttila

Examples of achievements
Päivi is an entrepreneur and board professional. She was leading the Midagon team for three and half years with great passion. Today she is chairing the Midagon Board of Directors. She is also working as a chair or as a member of the board in four public companies in Finland and one public company in Norway.

Prior to joining Midagon, Päivi’s academy for international business life was in QPR Software Corporation, a company that was established in her kitchen. Her main achievement in QPR was to define and implement the product strategy. This was over 20 years ago and these performance management software tools are still in use in many global corporations!

Business and project experience 
Päivi has been working in the global ICT and electronic industries over 25 years and would not change a day. In QPR Software, she worked over ten years in many leadership roles, the last one running the QPR USA business in Minnesota USA. After QPR, Päivi joined the EMS industry and worked in global leadership roles in Jabil and Flextronics for ten years. She is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

Areas of interest
Päivi is an analytic and strong strategic thinker with a good P&L understanding. She loves challenges including: creating the strategy to maximize customer value, growing the business and making the business more profitable.

What others say about Päivi
“She has a great ability to recognize new business opportunities.”

“She is genuinely interested in customers and their feedback.”