Marko Yli-Pietilä

Examples of achievements
Marko has led several Consultative Sales Teams to help customers transform their business processes for higher sales and improved operational efficiency.

One such engagement was the establishment of Big Data Analytics capability to benefit from Industrial Internet and new Digital Services. After prioritizing strategy based opportunities and testing them in stakeholder involving pilots, the capability was set up on time and budget. After just three months in production several multi-million euros performance based Service Contracts were signed thanks to the new capabilities. Modern innovation theory based workshops as well as agile iterative development methodologies were used in the successful delivery project.

Business and project experience
Marko has over 20 years experience in managing people, operations and development programs in the manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Marko started his consultancy career for the first time in 2004 in Singapore and joined Midagon in September 2015. Prior to that he had been heading competence development, product management and product marketing operations at Nokia. Marko has initiated and led several major business, operations and organization change programs. Increasing sales and improving operational efficiency are both very familiar to him.

Areas of interest
Marko is passionate about helping customers to benefit from the fantastic opportunities that Industrial Internet and Analytics Based Business Development provide to companies.

What others say about Marko
"He is passionate about analytics based business development."

"He is a fun and energetic person and always willing to help."