Marko Niskanen

Examples of achievements 
Marko created a vision and business case for a major cloud transition and lead the 11-month project  to be completed on budget, on time and on scope. Work included re-engineering of several business processes to take full advantage of the cloud platform and to deliver maximum benefit to the customer.

Marko set up a Project Management Office and Operational Team for a new global developer program -offering. The development was outsourced and the development team was located in a time zone that was eight hours behind. The offering was live in two months and the team had seven business releases in the first year.

Business and project experience 
Joining Midagon in 2016, Marko has nearly two decades of international experience managing and re-organizing development- and operational teams in the telecom industry to fit the changing business environment in Europe and the USA. For the past seven years he has been focusing on cloud based CRM solutions covering the entire chain starting from building the vision for the new service to business deployment with a very “hands-on” approach.

Areas of interest
Marko’s main driver in work is helping businesses to reach their full potential by creating smarter ways to work utilizing the potential of modern technology. Cloud services are close to his heart and he has extensive experience in developing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solutions.

What others say about Marko
“Marko is an influencer who has an ability to manage people and projects but always in a way that lets the team members shine.”

“Marko is an innovative professional with superb technical skills.”