Marko Niinistö

Examples of achievements
Marko led the redesign of spare part reverse logistics operations and systems. He also led the deployment of the complete new operational model in North America. The North American deployment, impacting some 3000 users, helped the client to achieve simpler and faster operations while reducing capital tied into spares.

Marko lead the team to consistently improve unnecessary spare part scrapping at repair suppliers (reduction of 40% in 2011, 33% in 2012) by educating field personnel, finding alternative sources, improving repair yield and improving part quality.

Business and project experience
Marko has 18 years of experience in Supply Chain Management related improvements and transformations in various industries. He has close to 10 years of SAP related project experience in team lead and project manager roles. He has 5+ years of experience in managing a complex transformation and improvement program in a global matrix organization that operates in a highly regulated environment.

Areas of interest
Marko is enthusiastic about operational and transformational changes that are solidly based on creating business value and company strategy. He firmly believes that managing risks and ensuring active stakeholder management are a must for any program.

What others say about Marko
“While Marko allowed for great freedom, he was very committed to making sure we hit all the deadlines and produced all the deliverables.”

“I have to express what a pleasure it was to work with Marko. His data expertise, commitment to process improvement and continuous effort to share knowledge so that we can do our jobs better to support his organization.”