Lauri Eskola

Examples of achievements
Lauri has led numerous large scale programs in finance, supply chain and HR that have exceeded expected benefits. He has built expert organizations and teams in various countries and cultures, leading the teams through restructuring and renewal. Lauri has been in charge of building the Midagon Process and Data Excellence service that has yielded significant benefits to Midagon customers.

Business and project experience 
Lauri has over 15 years of experience in business process improvement, managing global scale programs and leading people. In the past, he worked for Nokia. He joined Midagon in September 2013. Lauri has recently led Midagon customers’ strategic change programs. He has started and developed the Midagon Process and Data Excellence business and is currently responsible for the Industrial Internet business.

Areas of interest
Lauri is interested in planning and leading strategic change programs. He is especially interested in initiatives that improve productivity and customer experience. He is passionate about the opportunities that digitalization, IoT and the Industrial Internet create.

What others say about Lauri
“He is systematic, his approach is fact-based and he always strives to exceed targets.”

“He is good at bringing people together and it is always a pleasure to work with him.”