Juha Jouppi

Examples of achievements
Juha has managed the creation of client relationship strategies and other business consulting engagements across various industries as well as SAP and other software implementations. He has also led a program of implementing a new payroll system that increased the measured efficiency of the outsourcing service by 30%.

Juha has introduced and launched a Robotic Process Automation initiative targeting the financial management processes in Finland, Norway, and Sweden and led it through the PoC and pilot phases into a rolling agile development program.

Business and project experience
Juha has over 20 years of experience in designing and leading software implementations across various industries. He joined Midagon in May 2017. Along the years Juha has acted in the roles of a business consultant, solution architect, project manager, and program director. As a Development Director at Accountor he was responsible for leading the centralized development team and software programs aimed at increasing service efficiency and profitability.

Areas of interest
Juha is interested in strategy, new technology opportunities, improving processes and building management systems. He is most suitable for positions where a holistic understanding of the business model is required in order to grasp the opportunities of data and software to improve business.

What others say about Juha
“He is an analytical thinker able to visualize complex structures and make them understandable.”

“He is good at articulating his points but still willing to listen to others’ opinions.”