Jarmo Hiljanen

Jarmo Hiljanen

Managing Consultant
+358 44 254 4178

Examples of achievements
Jarmo has coordinated and led a sophisticated Fleet Management system project for a forest machine manufacturer. The project included project management, outsourcing and creating a strategy. The system will be utilized for thousands of rubber-wheeled machines to make it possible for customers to follow their fleet anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices. This Fleet Management solution has a positive effect on the customer’s productivity and profits.

Jarmo has established an IoT-enabled forest machine business. The aim of the project was to gather machine data, and then to create an API to release the data for mobile devices. Jarmo's role was to select outsourced software, design companies and providers to make the data analytics possible.  

Business and project experience
Jarmo has over 15 years of experience in software development and project management in manufacturing industries. Jarmo started his consultancy career in September 2016 when he joined Midagon. Prior to that he has been heading software development projects in Ponsse.

Areas of interest
Jarmo is passionate about spreading digitalisation for his customers. He truly believes that the era of industrial internet will change the way that organisations and businesses work in ways that nobody can predict.

What others say about  Jarmo
“He is an energetic and innovative leader with good problem-solving skills.”

“He is the person who solves every difficult situation."