Jari Noponen

Examples of achievements
Jari has been a Project Portfolio Manager for a few simultaneous IT projects, which used shared resources from five different countries. He led these colorful international project teams, which consisted of 100+ IT- and business professionals, for several years.

He has been involved in several projects which have changed client's business processes and IT-systems to achieve better competitiveness or lower the operating cost level.

Business and project experience
Jari has over 20 years of experience in leadership, business- and IT-consulting in various industries (Telecom, insurance, government, retail, media, real estate) and business areas (IT, Finance, HR). Majority of the projects focused on improving client’s business processes and performance by utilizing new ways of doing work and uses of technologies such as the Internet, SAP, Documentum, Hyperion and Cognos.

Jari started his consultancy career in 1995 with Internet technology related projects. In 2005 he started as SAP project manager and joined Midagon in March 2017.

Areas of interest
Jari is interested in leading projects where processes and ways of working must be changed to achieve higher performance. He is a business oriented Program Director, who focuses on maximizing client's added value and ensuring the project team's well-being.

What others say about Jari
“He is an experienced leader, who steers complex technology enabled business transformations to the goal in time and in budget."

"He is well oriented and an easy-going person who has every time plan well prepared, also plan B and C."