Ilkka Töyrylä

Examples of achievements
Ilkka and his team helped a customer to design a new operating model and deploy it globally in more than 100 countries and 5000 suppliers. As a result, the customer achieved over 100 million euros in annual savings.

A project managed by Ilkka was selected as the ICT project of the year in 2013 in Finland. The project developed a template SAP ERP solution to be used by Finnish municipalities. In contrast to many public sector projects, it was completed on schedule and within budget.

Business and project experience 
Ilkka has over 20 years of project and program management experience on more than 70 projects. The projects range from operating model design and business case definition to the development and deployment of large scale changes. In addition to Midagon, Ilkka has worked for Accenture and Nokia.

He has extensive experience in outsourcing and is a co-author of The Handbook of Outsourcing (Ulkoistaminen käsikirja). He completed his doctoral thesis in supply chain management. Ilkka also has in-depth expertise in service operations and warranty management. He has been in charge of service management consulting in Accenture Nordic, is an inventor in a US patent on warranty management and is a co-author of Warranty Fraud Management (published by John Wiley, 2016) discussing cost control in after market services.

Areas of interest
Ilkka is interested in complex projects, where a well-working project structure needs to be established and an efficiently working project team set up. Getting crisis projects back on track is of particular interest.

Optimization of operations and cost reduction are Ilkka’s other key areas of interest. This includes projects where a new operating model is developed, processes are re-engineered or analytics are used for fact-based optimization.

What others say about Ilkka
“Ilkka gets on well with people and stays calm in challenging situations.”

“He is known to be demanding, persistent and efficient, and gets things done.”