Heikki J. Mattila

Heikki J. Mattila

Managing Consultant
+358 50 482 1120

Examples of achievements 
Heikki was in charge of a major, successful SAP implementation in 12 countries covering 20 projects in one and a half year period. The hit rate of the project was 100 %. He has also acted as a global project manager for a SAP upgrade, including seven sub-projects with more than 500 people in the project.

He has been a key player in program and project management methodology creation and enhancement in several companies including three leading companies such as Nokia. He knows how to maximizeprogram and project management in order to realize the optimal business benefits.

Heikki created the program and project management coaching concept and has been the leader of a global coaching team of 15 people. He has coached over 500 programs and projects.

Business and project experience 
Heikki has successfully carried out management coaching in the high technology industry in the areas of portfolio management, steering group practices, program/project mode implementation and methodology development.

His extensive project experience also includes quality management, portfolio and program management, supply chain and IT. Heikki has international working experience in large companies globally and in many individual countries. One of his special areas of expertise is global deployments. Heikki has worked in both the business and IT spheres and is able to consider the positions of both the customer and the supplier.

Areas of interest
Heikki is interested in everything that involves programs and projects. This includes: Program/Project management, Methodology, Quality Management, Coaching and Measuring. In other words, he is interested in the success of the programs and projects.

What others say about Heikki
“Heikki is a combination of vast experience and charismatic behavior.”

“He knows in practice that a Smile is not the opposite of effectiveness.”